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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
Really? I'm alone in not wanting young kids to hear crap like dadgummit, that is BS, you gotta be bleeping me, etc coming from the TV during a White Sox game? I know in my youth my parents never would have wanted me to hear crap like that.
I'm not sure you're entirely alone but I'd guess you're close to it. I can't imagine any parent that I know would think twice about "dadgummit" or "BS." How many young kids are really even watching/listening that closely anyway?

Hawk is a polarizing figure and I know plenty of parents who probably don't want to listen to him for myriad reasons so maybe - maybe - there's a statistically insignificant number of households where kids are shielded from the Sox broadcast. But I highly doubt it's because they're afraid their kids might here an occasional "dadgummit" and more likely because they don't want to hear another Ted Williams anecdote.

Also, the B&B bashing cracks me up. Bernstein is a Sox fan and has spoken very favorably of Rick Hahn. Most of the stuff they spew is just schtick. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but sports talk radio is stupid anyway.
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