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Originally Posted by kufram View Post
I liked Milo Hamilton and Bob Elson (I think those names are correct) but I was just a boy. How many of you remember them? I don't think ex-players are good at PBP.... bring in an actual pro announcer for that job.

Bob Elson along with the Go Go White sox will always be one of my heroes, how many nights I had the transistor radio under my pillow listening to him, I'll never know but he was White Sox baseball along with the few games we got on WGN with Jack Brickhouse as in those days theSox would only televise home day games.
As Nellie stated, Elson was not the most exciting PBP guy but he was all we knew and not once did I ever hear him knock a ballplayer either on the Sox or the other team plus he has a spot in the Hall Of Fame.

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