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Originally Posted by ChiSoxNationPres View Post
How would spending money this offseason hurt them in the future?
Money badly invested hurts you in the future.

Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
I don’t know. What I do know is they cited it as a reason not to go to $300 on Machado.
Talk about open ended, badly invested money. Thank goodness they didn't get MM.

Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Sick of waiting? Sign MadBum, sign Puig, bring back Abreu, trade Cease or Kopech (Mets’ choice) and other pieces for Thor, and trade Madrigal and other pieces for Whit Merrifield.

Eloy/Robert/Puig in the OF

Moncada/TA/Merrifield/Abreu in the IF

McCann behind the plate

Collins DH

Rotation of MadBum/Thor/Giolito/Lopez/Kopech or Cease

Bullpen of Fulmer/Ruiz/Cordero/Herrera/Fry/Rodon/Bummer/Colomé
You know it's not that crystal clear. I'd love Merrifield at second base. MadBum? Thor? Great... At what cost?

Your projected outfield? It would be quite the adventure out there.
“There were a few hard rules, but everybody was unique, and he understood that. George’s great strength was he didn’t overcoach. There’s no place for panic on the mound.” - Jim Palmer on George Bamberger “Arms and the man,” Sports Illustrated, April 19, 2004
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