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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I don't get how Swirsky ends up at the only option when Benetti is gone- why not use the guy that has been the 3rd radio guy this year? (I think he used to do play by play with the Padres?), or have the guy that does play by play for the Charlotte Knights- at least you'd have a servicable pro who could provide some insights into the prospects, etc.

Having a fill in color guy is one thing- but a non professional play by play guy is unlistenable.
I also wonder why the Sox radio and TV booths are not coordinated among themselves. Given Benetti’s ESPN obligations, and the days off that Stone and Farmer both take, it would make sense to have a fifth guy - like Masur - who could pinch hit on either radio or TV. I wonder if it goes back to the fact that NBC Sports Chicago and WGN radio have different ownership structures.

Really, if I had my way, I’d assign the five guys we have available like this:

Primary TV PBP: Benetti
Primary TB Color: Stone

Primary Radio PBP: Masur
Primary Radio Color: Farmer

Pinch hitter/third man on both radio and TV: Jackson

This would also give Farmer and Stone opportunities to take off a couple innings each game, which would probably keep them fresher, and let DJ be a “change of pace” for a few innings each in both the radio and the TV booths.

I think Jackson is actually a solid color analyst and he is passable at PBP, but the chemistry with both Hawk (because he’s Hawk) and with Farmer (because he’s not great at PBP) is problematic. But when he’s paired with a solid pro PBP guy, he’s quite good.
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