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Originally Posted by GoSox2K3 View Post
The Sox payroll is minuscule for a MLB team. I say they should back up the truck for a SP and pay up for a solid RF next year. Put them in a lineup/rotation along with Moncada, TA, Jimenez, McCann, Abreu, Collins, Robert, Madrigal and Giolito/Cease/Kopech/Lopez and let's see what those guys can do. There will still be growing pains and playoffs are certainly not guaranteed, but I bet they'd be fun to watch.
Agreed. I imagine they would want a shorter-term deal (2-3 years max) for the RF, as they wait to see if anyone emerges among the OF prospects. But there really is no excuse for not spending on a legit top-end starter this year. I get that they don't want to get into a bidding war on Cole, but I do think they should be willing to go over what he's worth due to the surplus in value they're getting from all the young pieces. Besides, with the way free agency has gone the past couple years, the bidding war might not materialize the way some are projecting. Remember when some were projecting $400 million for Harper/Machado?
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