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Originally Posted by blurry View Post
Yup, and it hasn't been that way for a long time. Here's were they ranked in the MLB just by number of walks taken per game:

2019: 30/30
2018: 29/30
2017: 28/30
2016: 22/30
2015: 26/30
2014: 23/30
2013: 29/30
2012: 23/30
2011: 20/30
2010: 25/30
2009: 19/30
2008: 21/30
2007: 14/30
2006: 14/30
2005: 14/30

They were mediocre at it when they had a good team for 1 1/2 seasons. Since they they've been flat out bad to awful. This is an organizational philosophy, not just a hitting coach problem. If they fire Steverson they'll just bring in another hitting coach who still believes walks are pointless.

I don't know what the walk rates are for some of the up and coming prospects, but I know Madrigal has a lower walk rate. I'm not sure about Robert. Vaughn seemed like a player who takes walks, as does Collins, so there is some hope for the future I suppose.
The "organizational philosophy" regarding walks doesn't have much to do with who they're picking to coach the team - it's not like Hahn and Williams are sitting in their offices somewhere saying that they will only hire managers (who in turn pick hitting coaches) that don't value walks. It has more to do with the players they were acquiring not being the type of players that accumulate high walk totals. As other teams got more analytical and realized walks were being valued they started to accumulate those players, but the Sox were slow to adjust.

I'm hopeful that they're catching up with the times and realize that this is an important and valuable skill, but they can't turn over an entire roster overnight. Other than Collins and maybe eventually Vaughn there aren't a lot of prospects that are known for their huge walk totals but other than Anderson I don't expect it to be a huge problem like it has been. Hopefully the team can move towards the middle of the pack, which would be progress.

The worst part about the current lineup is that they are at the bottom of the league in walks AND strikeouts, which is hard to do.
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