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Originally Posted by insp View Post
White Sox hitters are the worst in MLB in terms of getting walks.
Yup, and it hasn't been that way for a long time. Here's were they ranked in the MLB just by number of walks taken per game:

2019: 30/30
2018: 29/30
2017: 28/30
2016: 22/30
2015: 26/30
2014: 23/30
2013: 29/30
2012: 23/30
2011: 20/30
2010: 25/30
2009: 19/30
2008: 21/30
2007: 14/30
2006: 14/30
2005: 14/30

They were mediocre at it when they had a good team for 1 1/2 seasons. Since they they've been flat out bad to awful. This is an organizational philosophy, not just a hitting coach problem. If they fire Steverson they'll just bring in another hitting coach who still believes walks are pointless.

I don't know what the walk rates are for some of the up and coming prospects, but I know Madrigal has a lower walk rate. I'm not sure about Robert. Vaughn seemed like a player who takes walks, as does Collins, so there is some hope for the future I suppose.
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