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One thing I noticed last night about Palka at the plate, watch his ABs and how much he is cheating to try to catch up to a fastball. I don’t remember if he was doing this last year or to this extent. I don’t know jack about hitting, but I’m always telling my son when I coach him to start his swing early and get the leg kick going on the kids that throw hard. But that’s a way to cheat at lower levels. That’s not sustainable. Palka was lifting his right leg and holding it in the air as the pitcher started his windup. Not mid-windup, but as the pitcher began his motion. In fact, the Tribe pitcher paused a split second a couple of times and Palka was left hanging. It’s such a simple thing but has to be a huge red flag if a guy needs to cheat that much. Most major leaguers will begin their stride as the pitcher is releasing the ball or just prior to releasing. But if the batter is picking up his leg and striding as the pitcher starts his motion, that seems like a huge flaw and easy to exploit. The batter essentially becomes a one-legged hitter if the pitcher sees it. I just went back and watched video of Jose Altuve. He’s got one of the biggest leg kicks/strides. He doesn’t start until release.
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