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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
This team has been sloppy and undisciplined since the All Star break- no excuse for that on a rebuilding team- I don't think Rentaria should be brought back for 2020.

Of course he will be- since no one ever really gets fired for performance in a Reinsdorf organization- but I would like to see Vizquel in the role (with full authority to build his own coaching staff).
Someone who reads between the lines would tell you Ventura was fired. And we don't know any more about Vizquel's managerial ability than we did about AJ (who was the hot name for a while) or, for that matter, than we knew about Ventura before he was hired, except in our individual heads. That being said, it's sure starting to look a lot like last season on the field. Holy bleep, Joe Maddon is likely to be available!
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