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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
Good for Collins; good for Mendick.

And I figured they'd bring back Palka because he had a major role with the team last year, and his strike zone judgment improved a little for Charlotte.

But Covey? That's a head-scratcher for sure. Surely they have seen enough of him to know that he cannot contribute to a bad team, much less a good team. And they already have brought back Banuelos and Fulmer, who are in the same category.

Robert, Madrigal, and Mercedes deserved to be called up instead of the dog**** pitchers.
In terms of Covey, what is Detweiler adding to the team that cannot be replaced? Covey is a LOT younger and pitched better this spring when he first got called up. He lost it when he returned from injury but has pitched solidly at AAA since being sent down. Why not see if he can recapture his form from May and build on it for next year. If he can then he offers at minimum long relief or trade bait enhancement.

There's a lot more room for callups aren't there? Are Robert and Madrigal on the 40-man roster? Why would team start their clocks ticking now?

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