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If those free agent acquisitions and trades bring in marquee talent, maybe thereís a chance to compete. The team needs, at a minimum, a top-notch starter and a RF who can hit the ball out of the ballpark (preferably a LH bat). Thatís just to get into the playoff conversation. They also need several of the following:
  • Giolito, Lopez, McCann, Colomť, and Abreu to show minimal-to-no regression
  • Robert to set the world on fire immediately upon arrival
  • Madrigal to develop much more power than he has shown to date
  • Eloy to develop into a much better LF and contact hitter than he has shown to date
  • Cease to be much more effective early in games than he has been to date
  • Kopech to step in and have immediate success following TJS
  • Collins to be solid enough defensively to catch about 30 games and play about 30 games at 1B along with being the primary DH
  • Enough young arms to thrive and cobble together a bullpen behind Colomť

Itís not that I feel skeptical of those goals being realized. Itís just that I think some of them are going to take a full season of development time in 2020 to be realized. Madrigal, Kopech, Cease, Collins, and Eloy are still babies. I say just give it one last rebuild year to work everything out. I think 2021 is a more realistic goal.

For 2020:
  • Go get Bumgarner for the top of the rotation in 2021 and beyond
  • Give up some of the 40-man/Rule 5-eligible depth for a stopgap RF like Shin-Soo Choo or Joc Pederson from a team looking to dump payroll
  • If there is any legitimate playoff push in 2020, let it be fueled by young talent developing ahead of schedule.
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