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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
2-0 win for the Sox as they take the series 3-1. Old time baseball with 5 hits for the Sox and the Rangers held to 1 hit.
Great outing for Lopez, no hitter for 5 innings with 6Ks. Came down with heat exhaustion but the bullpen did their job. I came off the golf course with it about 12 weeks ago and I know exactly what Lopez was going through, weakness, nausea, stomach ache, dizzyness and headache. Wasn't fun but learned my lesson, I'm now drinking a lot of Gatorade while on the links.
Kudos to Jose as he drove in both runs and hit the century mark in RBI.
Sox are doing really good in this tough stretch, 14-11 so far in August, wouldn't it be great to sweep the Twinkies.
This team with a few FA additions should be a contender for at least a WC spot in 2020.
Don't forget we're also getting Kopech back and Robert should be up to the majors by mid-April at the latest. I'm definitely looking forward to next season.

I was worried when I saw on Gameday that Lopez got pulled after 80 pitches and no hits given up. Not that dehydration/heat exhaustion can't be a serious issue if not addressed right away, but I'm glad it wasn't some arm issue.
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