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I didn't enjoy the Walton broadcast but I have no problem with them doing things like that. I did find it irritating during the interview with Gio's brother. He was there for 1/2 an inning and was lucky to get to say a word with Walton's love for talking. I watched for about 5 innings and finally muted the TV and put the radio broadcast on my ipad. The audio was about 10 seconds ahead of the video so I knew what happened before I saw it. I was more irritated with the Friday night broadcast. Jason was talking to folks in studio which apparently MLB TV doesn't allow with their transmission. I got tired of no sound and then Jason responding to something I couldn't hear. Saturday was fine. They actually had someone who knew the game and didn't try to monopolize the air time. I didn't get a chance to see Sunday's telecast so I can't comment on it.
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