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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Talking about how stats impact wins and losses isn't baseball? People have been discussing baseball stats since there was baseball. The stats have changed/advanced and become more descriptive but the discussion remains the same.

If today's Sox lineup all could hit like that Adam Dunn over the course of a season, the Sox would be expected to have about a .570 winning percentage. That was the point, nothing more, nothing less.
Voodoo, I love you man, but OMG, not this **** again. I still cringe at the stupidity of singing someone who literally had ONE season on a team that was near .500 (2012 Sox where he hit .200 while had an OPS of .800 and thus showing how this stat is misleading). literally every other team this guy EVER played on (including the parts of the season where he was a rent a player to two playoff contending teams) had a losing record. He was a brutal player. Ever team he played with was better the season after he left.
Can we please never discuss this bum again? It reminds me of that stupid signing thread where I was attacked for disagreeing with the thought of signing him. Hes lucky Ozzie had a heart and found a way for his season to end early and not qualify for the worst season of all time.
Do the white sox know that it is Designated Hitter, not Designated Out?
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