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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
Lighten up. Or do the baseball fun police extend to the broadcast booth, too?
I just think it's a shame we had another electric performance from Giolito that featured him striking out 11 and working out of some tight jams, and this took the focus off him and off a well-played game by the team.
You can say "it got the Sox some positive national media attention", but that attention is pretty hollow if you ask me. Nothing but a sideshow, and makes it look like they would rather people not care about the players or the game. I guarantee zero of those national media articles will mention Lucas Giolito. That isn't the way to build lasting fan interest. It would be like if they started screening movies on the Jumbotron *during* home games and then touted it as 'good national exposure' when the national media wrote about it.

...Also, you can call us the fun police, but I didn't find anything fun about it, and not just because I'm a diehard fan. If I were a casual fan I would have been bored unless I had some prior affinity for Bill Walton, and how many people watching a broadcast in Chicago would have that, given that he has zero Chicago connection?
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