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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
And the 2012 Dunn rip is simply incorrect. A team of 9 2012 Dunns would have a .579 winning percentage.

Let’s take, say, 2012 Michael Brantley for comparison. His .288/.348/.402 slash and 56:53 K:BB ratio fits right in with the “strikeouts and walks and home runs are icky” crowd. A team of 9 2012 Brantleys would have a .545 winning percentage.

Increased contact doesn’t mean a thing if most of it is on the ground.
To me this is a clear example of the misuse of statistics that TDog was talking about. No team in history has ever had 9 players that resembled 2012 Adam Dunn in their lineup. To think you can estimate the winning percentage of such a team is clearly an extrapolation.
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