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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
Do you really want Abreu (or anyone else on the team) waiting back and cutting down on his swing in all situations?

Of course not. I really donít understand how my post would provoke that question.
His SLG is 92 points higher than his regular SLG but his BA is only 79 points higher. If Abreu can post a .925 OPS all the time, then he should do it. Compared to his .766 OPS with no runners on base why not?

He's clearly not giving up a ton of power, just adding a lot of base hits some of which are going for 2B and HR.

And sorry, I misread your post but my point does stand for others claiming that OPS penalizes hitters. Teams only care about runs, OPS is merely a good predictor of what teams are more successful at scoring them.

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