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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I write this as a former Brewers season-ticket holder who disliked baseball under the retractable roof at Miller Park and as someone who spent some unhappy years in Texas. My life wouldn't be any less happy if baseball had never expanded and/or moved to Texas or if I never watched indoor baseball.

I endured some miserable weather to watch the White Sox in Chicago over the last half century. I never missed not being inside.
Most of my point there was satire, but I'm not sure where you lived in Texas. Houston is one of the cities that absolutely needs a roof. I lived in Chicago many years also and even with the winter extremes, the weather there, is nothing compared to this place.

Unbearable heat, massive storms that can form in minutes and cause instant flooding. Not to mention the threat of tropical weather from June through the end of the year. I see the Rangers are building a roofed stadium too, it's just too hot. You can build them these days and make them nice, I actually like Minute Maid a lot more than I do Sox Park or Guaranteed Rate except for some food items. It's nice to not have to worry about rainouts and what not, and to be comfortable inside while it's a blast furnace outside. And if the weather is nice, open the roof. No more sitting being miserable. Best of both worlds.

Miller Park is kinda weird though, I didn't care for it much but I liked the atmosphere at old County Stadium. Maybe I didn't like Miller much cause the Cubs were in town and the place was full of morons.
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