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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
Itís fine to slug only .400 if you have an OBP of .400 to go with it and play elite defense up the middle.

You can have a hitter like that in your lineup. The problem with the White Sox right now is that they have three of them. None of their sub-.400 slugging slap hitters get on base anywhere near a .400 clip, either.
Good thing weíre not planning to play the 2021+ seasons with the current lineup. Projecting ahead - and with the usual caveats that nothing is guaranteed - itís not unfathomable to project above average power at most other positions. A Collins/Zavala platoon will likely SLG well; Vaughn, Anderson, and Moncada should have power thatís average or above average for their positions; and Eloy and Robert should bring average to above average power to LF and CF as well. So if you get Madrigal hitting .330 and getting on base at a .380 clip, you can live with his lack of HR power given all the other skills he brings.
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