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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
I think the Sox will have to change managers before they're legitimate contenders, but I don't think the heir apparent (Vizquel) is the answer. He's far too interested in small ball, and he just made four different managerial mistakes in the 7th inning of a tie game. See if you can spot them:

- Nate Nolan led off with a hit.
- Vizquel pinch-ran Luis Robert for Nolan.
- Mitch Roman bunted into a forceout.
- Laz Rivera singled.
- Luis Basabe grounded into a double play.
[end of inning]
- Hunter Schryver enters the batting order, batting eighth.
- Luis Robert leaves the game.

First of all, Vizquel called for a sacrifice. Which is just giving away an out.

Second, he pinch-ran Robert ahead of the sacrifice. Robert has great speed and should have been able to steal second without wasting an out. If Vizquel was planning to bunt all along, he should have used backup infielder Ramon Torres as the pinch runner.

Third, he wasted Robert's bat. That's crazy, since Vizquel allowed Roman (now hitting .124) and Basabe (.153) to come to bat in the inning.

And fourth, by pinch running for his catcher, he lost the DH because Yermin Mercedes is the only other catcher on the roster.

But I'm not basing this opinion on one bad inning, or even one bad game. These are Vizquel's tendencies, and they don't belong in modern baseball. His Barons have been really bad this year, both on the road and in their offense-suppressing home park.
You also don't want Minaya as a relief pitcher despite the fact that he now has an ERA of 2.16.
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