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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
But what's Tilson's value - 5th OF?
yes, he would be claimed if dumped, but all we'd lose is a Charlotte player; we can't trade him for anything.
Is he better than Kevin Smith?
Hahn has loaded up the 40 man with AAAA players. He keeps trading for these guys. Heck he just traded for an organizational minor leaguer. Somebody has to be on the 40 man - I just wouldn't risk any sort of prospect for the Tilsons of the world.
Meanwhile I'm waiting for the young core as we approach a generously designated year 3.
Honestly, I don't see anyone being able to gauge Tilson's value as of yet. We're talking about a 25 year old with exactly 108 at bats in the major leagues with a track record of success in the minors. Kevan Smith is a league average catcher at age 30. I'd be much more apt to keep a player 5 years younger with equal talent.

There's also not much to be said for the Banuelos/Yurchak trade. At least Banuelos was able to reach the major leagues, the odds of Yurchak ever reaching are slim to none. It's a meh trade not worth splitting hairs over.

There is no one of value exposed off the 40 man, so it's really not an issue in 2018/2019. The rebuild will continue with more guys getting their shot and more talent added with high draft picks and the ability to sign IFAs again.
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