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Originally Posted by KyWhiSoxFan View Post
I sent an email to Hahn last year about Anderson and told him they need to get Anderson straightened out and fast. The team needs to be strong up the middle defensively, and the best way to help Anderson was by getting Omar Vizquel on the Sox staff. There's no one better than Vizquel to teach someone how to play the position. Vizquel was all about preparation, mechanics, and making the easy play look easy, something Anderson does not always do.

Of course, I never heard from Hahn; he never acknowledged he got the email.
I would be very disappointed in Hahn if he had free time to respond to fan email.

Regarding Vizquel, yes he was a great SS but does that really mean he is a good teacher? The answer could be yes, but there are plenty of people in the world who are talented and good at their jobs but canít teach those skills to others.
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