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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
The Sox don't need to replace 22 players on their current 25-man roster in order to win a championship. They also don't need seven "magnificent" players. I'm not saying this with my head in the clouds, but six-to-eight strategic moves, with luck and good health, puts them in a really good position when you have Sale anchoring the pitching staff and two good young bats in Garcia and Abreu batting 3rd and 4th. I recall people here one year ago mocking the Steven Drew and Gomes moves. They need upgrades in several areas, but to say the entire rotation, front end of the bullpen and the entire infield need to be wiped out is misguided.

You are presenting strawman arguments to defend your original statement, which, within the context of the discussion, was intended to say the Sox need 22 *better* players than they have now. The intent and context was not that the Sox need to use many of their current players to make trades for other players. You're coming up with that rationale after the fact.
I'm glad you're able to see into my mind and tell me what I meant.

My original statement was meant to be over the top/tongue in cheek because the OP's statement was way over the top in the other direction, calling my support of a move to pickup a defensive specialist to help our young guys along myopic. He's the one that should be nailed to the cross. That's just plain lunacy.

That said - I vehemently disagree that there are 7 "moving pieces" moves that will turn this team into a world series contender. I downright think that's impossible.

How many players on the end of year roster were league average offensively and defensively? How many pitchers that were left didn't start having the results catch up to their ability? I'm not going to say that MAYBE some of the young guys in the system aren't pieces, but you can't just up and count on that either. The number of players that aren't in our system that'll be on our next world championship caliber roster is a hell of a lot closer to 22 than it is to 7. Hell...that number is probably in the 18 - 20 range. The only way 7 trades is going to win us a title is with an inordinate amount of luck. Because, given our division, we'd have to have a million things go right for us and wrong for others just to get into the playoffs.
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