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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

And has been pointed out in numerous threads if that's the case the Sox are apparently doing a poor job of letting the public know because fans continue to mention high ticket prices including fans in the NPR piece that ran last Friday.

Or....the "bandwaggoners" just continue to make excuses for why they aren't coming to the park.

Our tickets, even at face value, provide opportunities to come to the park at a reasonable price. If the "bandwaggoners" continue to want to deny it's existence, that's fine. I don't give a ****.

Lip - you are a smart guy. Manipulating real facts with the selective use of statistics makes for cute stories in the media, but it is not representative of the TRUTH. The truth is that White Sox fans do not come to the park the same way that fans of other teams do. We can come up with a million and one excuses...but we don't. It's the's the school's the neighborhood....parking...seats too high...seats too blue... it's all bull**** and we the "real fans" should quit continuing the propogation of this horsepoopy.
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