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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
The Royals have the exact same problem that the Cubs have; they have no idea where they are going to get the two or three reliable starting pitchers that they so desperately need. At least the Cubs have the benefit of available cash if the young position players ever develop into a team that can contend. The Royals have to get almost everything either from the draft or from savvy trades, and by the time they can develop some pitching, some of these decent young players that they have will play themselves out of the Royals' price range.
The Royals, because of their low payroll and luxury tax receipts, are considered one of the best investments in MLB. It is rumored (since the books are not public) that the Royals are the most profitable franchise in baseball. Because of the low attendance, their overhead is low because they don't have to pay for a ton of game-day employees to handle 40,000 people.

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