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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
Have the new SOX BP/Spring Training caps gone onsale yet? I didn't see it on the official site. They look nice matched up with the black jerseys based on the photos released today from inside the clubhouse. I'm hoping this will be my new favorite cap. I really liked the similar styled BP cap from a few years ago, except the mesh fabric was not as nice as the new ones.

I also like the revised Braves cap. I'm still warming up to all the alternate logos and white crowns. I'm glad the SOX kept their caps simple, although I wonder how the Diamond SOX or the Flying SOX would have looked.
They're on sale here:

They now come in actual sizes rather than small-medium, medium-large, and large-extra large.

They also look big and boxy like the authentic in-game caps.

Both are also let down.