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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
When I was living in Munster, 1967-1979, Munster was solidly Cubs country. Being a White Sox fan put me in a very small minority. Being known as a White Sox fan at Munster High made you a social outcast, so there were probably a few White Sox fans in the closet. That was even true in 1977, when there was more excitement for the Cubs' run that year than the White Sox run that is more fondly remembered among the respective fan bases. And it was true too for the area of Hammond where the family auto parts store was located. All of my grandfather's employees were Cubs fans. During summer afternoons, Cubs games would be playing in the accounting area. I wondered if it was at least in part a class thing because Munster, at the time at least, was more affluent than the rest of Lake County. Still the Times always treated the Cubs as the No. 1 baseball team in its circulation area. When I went down to Bloomington for school, I was in Reds country. Of course, those were the days of the Big Red Machine.

Everywhere else I've lived since, Arizona, Alaska and California, with the exception of suburban Milwaukee, people have to be reminded that the Cubs are not the only major league baseball team.

I was once in Dublin, Ireland, talking to a man from Liverpool, England about sports. Although he had never been to America, he knew that Wrigley Field was to baseball what St. Andrews in Scotland is to golf.
I think the shift you saw cuBs vs Pale Hose can be seen today with the reversal of fortunes. You are always gonna have your die hards and those that jump with the flavor of the day. The Sox were on the wane and the Cubbies were touting their BBHOF Line up that looked good on paper, were bouncing balls onto Waveland and Sheffield, yet couldnt bring home the bacon if the pig was handed to them..

GN cable, Harry pumping personality in to a moribound carcass didnt help the Sox as well...

Had my Black Sox moments as well... Yes Virginia, there is a Chicago Baseball team on the South Side of town as well. Too bad there was no such thing as the wild card back in the Yankee hey day.. Atleast the Sox then would have had more countrywide media attention and somewhat more of a household name.

Fair playing media field established.. Sox run with it and the Cubbies can have all the fans in Uttumwa fer sure...

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