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Originally Posted by kufram View Post
If Jerry was putting quotes out regularly I'm pretty sure people here would be saying that he should just "shut up and sign cheques". I was thinking about how people wanted Peavy to just shut up and pitch when he was injured not so long ago.

This story doesn't actually say anything important.

Have the Chicago White Sox ever actually been a "big market team"? I'm not saying that they haven't but it has never felt like a big market team to me. I don't look at attendance figures historically but have they ever been consistently better than middle of the pack as far as attendance goes?

The first few seasons of the new park 91 through the strike, the Sox averaged almost three million fans a season. It was the combination of a new park and a pretty good team.

Also to your point about winning divisions / making playoffs. Cleveland (smaller market) dominated the division in the 90's...Minnesota (smaller market) dominated the division in the 00's. It can be done (as it has been done elsewhere say in St. Louis and Philadelphia) with some regularity (and I'm not even talking about the Yankees or Boston who seem to make the playoffs every year or nine times out of 10).

In fact despite Chicago's (and by proxy the Sox') advantages over their divisional opponents they can't seem to figure out how to do so. By advantages I mean population, size of radio/TV deals, advertising opportunities, corporate sponsorship opportunities.


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