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Other teams are in much worse situations than the White Sox are in. The Indians are in first place and are dead last in MLB average attendance. They are averaging a little over 15,000 per game. The Indians play in a one team market and play in a downtown stadium (something I wish the White Sox were in) and they're in first place and are not drawing at all. Yesterdays game featured Felix Hernandez against Masterson and they only had 19,000 at the game on a Sunday afternoon. I realize the Indians have not had winning teams in awhile and they have taken the League by surprise being in first place now, but I still think Cleveland is still in a much worse situation than what the White Sox are. The Indians also don't have the TV-Radio money the White Sox have. If attendance doesn't pick up in Cleveland I wouldn't be surprised to see the owners put the team up for sale, or even move the team.
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