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Originally Posted by TomC727 View Post
Watched it tonight. I thought it was great.
I agree. It was much better than I expected. Costas had almost nothing to do with it except some brief voiceovers between segments, but I know MLB Network wanted his name on the program.

Harrelson's stories were genuinely interesting. It's too bad he doesn't talk like that during the game broadcasts -- his mood swings are so wild depending on the game's progress that he can't even finish his sentences.

I had to laugh when he told the story near the end about the origin of his "Yes!" catchphrase. His daughter was a competitive diver and when she nailed an especially difficult one he found himself shouting "Yes!" The big laugh came when he said how nervous he was before her dive: "You couldn't have pulled a greased tee out of my behind with a pair of pliers."

Hadn't heard that one for a while!

- tebman
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