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I'm OK with a holding pattern for Beckham, Flowers and Viciedo for a half season as long as we also acquire bench players who can step in if they falter to a similar level this year as last.

Sadly, this would have been the best offseason to move Beckham and Viciedo, as their value either will go lower (and salaries higher) with similar levels of plate performance this year as last or they'll do just enough for the Sox to keep them, turning into below average to average players at above average salaries.

IMO, none of the three are quality options going forward. On a post-Konerko and post-Rios roster, we need better (and short of Flowers), more cost-effective talent at all three positions. My biggest nightmare is running out Dunn, Viciedo and Flowers as our power bats: the low average, all or nothing strikeout kings.
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