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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post

If you want to go with recent Cuban hitters, look at Betancourt at age 23, he was most compared to Viciedo when Dayan signed here.

Plus you can cherry pick stats all day. My initial point being that just because Viciedo is 23 and he only just played a full year is no reason to consider him a rookie and give him a pass.
My post was in response to blandman's claim that there are no hitters with similar k and k/bb rates to Viciedo at age 23 who became successful hitters. I believe he said to name one player who wasn't out of the league in five years. If you want to keep moving the goal posts, of course I will never score.

That said, I wasn't trying to argue that Viciedo was likely to be the next Willie Stargell; sure he could be the next Betancourt. However, I was responding to the initial claim that said in essence Viciedo has proven he will never be a quality major league hitter because no hitter ever had such poor k/bb and k rates and went on to have success. You can't change the claim, which wasn't even your claim to begin with, and then claim I'm cherry picking stats. I'm referring to the very stats that were imbedded in the claim I was responding to.

Here is the argument summed up I was responding to, maybe this will help:
Originally Posted by blandman
It has more to do with the K:BB ratio. None of those guys walk, but Viciedo K's like 5 times more than his miniscule walks...
The real problem is numbers like his don't bode well when you talk about likelihood of improvement....
his numbers are just something you don't see really ever (what with so little contact and so few walks) in someone that ends up sticking....
Can you come up with a player with a truly comparable first season to Viciedo, including K:BB ratio and contact rates, in which the player wasn't out of the league in five years?
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