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Originally Posted by Viva Medias B's View Post
I am under the presumption that this topic is safe enough to discuss here. For years, we knew that Harry Caray used to drink beer while broadcasting baseball games. With us, he would drink Falstaff, then Stroh's, and later Budweiser. There are legendary stories of the effects of the beer influence Harry's on air broadcast. There is the legendary story, or urban legend, of a hot day and doubleheader in Kansas City when Harry said "It's so hot the third baseman is Melton."

In the Major League movies, we see Bob Uecker's character, Harry Doyle, often consume alcohol on the air. Was this a common thing with the old time announcers? I cannot imagine announcers doing it today.
You left out his "7 ounce buddies." ("I've got my 7 ounce buddies up here in the booth...") They were 8-packs of 7 ounce bottles of Miller.

By the Seventh Inning of games, Jimmy Piersall had to translate for us what Harry was saying. A doubleheader? Harry was useless in Game Two.

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