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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
From the 8th Inning of yesterday's broadcast:

"When I was proudly growing up on Chicago's Southside and not Evergreen Park which is what it is now, or was when I was a kid but isn't anymore because it has either been changed to Evergreen Park or from Evergreen Park into or out of the City of Chicago we had a big garage door which needed two openers, not openers in the sense of the first game of a season, although come to think of it every team has two openers - one at home and one on the road - although if your first game is a home opener I'm not sure you have a road opener especially if the home team for your road opener has already had a home opener which wouldn't be your home opener because that home team would have been the visiting team at your home opener if your home opener was their road opener for their opener unless of course they were at some other team's home opener but not their own.

Anyway, with all the noise we used to make in Evergreen Chicago Park, which is what they call it now, back then it was just Evergreen Park or Chicago, could be either but not both, I'm surprised the neighbors to the north and south of us didn't call the police everday......I wonder why that was DJ."

"Maybe they didn't know if they should call the Chicago Police or the Evergreen Park Police.....................I truly have no idea what you're talking about."

Oh, yea i remember that yesterday, and all that stuff about the kids and the bikes,hahaha .. ah,makes me smile (and that's hard today)just thinking about the stuff that you used to post years ago on here .. thanks for that ..
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