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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
The old geezer in me still loves reading the newspaper every AM with my breakfast. When Chicago had 4 newspapers I would buy all 4 papers everyday Our local papers sports section is from the Tampa Tribune. They do a good job with previous nights scores and score boxes in all the sports but only in the Eastern Time zone but they did have a short column this AM about the triple play pulled off by the Sox since it was early in the game. Was the triple play mentioned in the Trib at all? If I still lived up there I would be livid with the Trib and would be making calls and writing letters to the Editorial staffs. To simply disregard a major league team in the third largest market in the country is beyond the pale. Any Sox fan who spends money on what has turned out to be a rag of a newspaper needs to discontinue their subscription.
There are other sections in the Tribune besides the Sports section. The price of a subscription has escalated to the point that I've considered quitting, but a big part of me feels I have a civic duty to support print journalism as an industry in Chicago.

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