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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
I think it was a bad move by MLB to agree to the interview. They are basically doing a victory lap when it really wasn't needed. No one side is clean in all of this IMO.
It would be nice to see 60 minutes do an expose on the 10+ years MLB turned a blind eye to the blatant steroid use in the game including warnings from the FBI (or DOJ, I forget which) back in the early '90s. Heck, pin a spotlight on "HOF" manager Tony LaRussa and show how his teams were at the epicenter of the steroid bust out.

Agreed that neither side's hands are clean in this and MLB only chose to go after the cheats after it became obvious to everyone what was going on and they could no longer make a buck off of the ShamME*, Mark "I'm not here to talk about the past" McGwire and Barroid show.

Bud wants to be viewed as the guy who saved MLB from steroids, but the truth is he is the one who let it get bad in the first place. Seeing a prime time expose on that simple fact would be teh awesome...

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