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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
He's exactly what you said we shouldn't do: trade for a player nearing free agency. And I agree with that assessment. That's not how these other teams were built. That's how some teams that are already built add a cherry on top. That's what the White Sox did in 2014 and 2015 when they weren't ready and they paid a heavy price.

The Cubs may have been lucky, but you make your own luck by giving yourself plenty of chances, by making value trades for young players, using the July trade period etc.
And I suppose the Astros, As and Brewers were lucky in that regard too.

He was a buy low opportunity that would have cost a pittance. He panned out. Now he's young with another year of control. If you trade him now he's worth a haul. You trade him this offseason, he's worth a haul. You keep him, maybe you extend him and have more tradable assets. This was a non-move that bit us in the ass. Sometimes passing is the wrong move. It's not going to be on Hahn's list of bad trades. But sometimes its the right moves you fail to make that define you.
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