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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It wasn't just that Bryant was so good so soon. Everything went right for Bryant to make it to the Cubs at all. Beyond the Cubs losing enough to get the No. 2 pick in the draft (as if losing is part of everything going right), the Astros with their first selection went with a pitcher who is now out of baseball having never made it to the majors instead of taking the college hitter that most thought was more worthy of the top pick.

As for Rizzo, the Padres considered him a disappointment and traded him for a young pitcher the Cubs considered a disappointment. Rizzo blossomed with the Cubs and Cashner is still bouncing around the majors, occasionally looking like a quality major league starter. The Orioles, similarly, had given up on Arrieta, and thought Scott Feldman could do more for them in the short term. The Cubs did OK in signing Lester, but free agent starters signed since 2016 have been less impressive with Chatwood and Darvish not earning their big bucks.

The success of the Cubs rebuild isn't the sort a team can emulate. The Cubs weren't trading stars. They considered Castro untouchable until he played himself out of the designation, leading to a trade before the 2016 season.

Maybe the White Sox on the verge of things starting to go right after so much has gone wrong with their rebuild. They got a college hitter who could be better than Bryant (without the defensive flexibility) in the No. 3 pick this year. Pitching is still a huge issue, though, and that's where things have been most disappointing. Cease's Charlotte ERA continues to rise and so much of the rotation depends on recovery from surgery
I agree with MOST of what you are saying, but Vaughn isn't coming into the pros with the scouting report Bryant had. Bryant had 70-80 on his power grade. Vaughn is probably the best pure hitter since Bryant, but that is a high bar to set.

The real truth is, the Sox have done a good job of amasing the young talent. It now falls on the front office in terms of what can they do to supplement it. That is going to mean a prime time FA or trade SP, a similar batter, and atleast one mid rotation arm.

The Sox need veterans who can teach these kids how to win. That isn't an Abreu or Wellington Castillo, that comes from a player who spent time in a winning organization.
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