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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
I believe there was a survey in England about 10 years ago where British people who had never heard of MLB teams ranked the MLB hats and the Sox hat rated very highly if not #1. It's a sweet hat so lots of people are going to wear it.

I had an amusing incident a few years ago. I was out with a Cubs fan friend and the Cubs had beaten the heck out of the Phillies that day. We came across a man wearing a Phillies hat (on the south side of Chicago) and my friend talked **** to him. The man had no idea what was going on and was incredibly confused by this, but the rest of his outfit was red and it was clear he just picked that hat out for the colors.
I believe this. I travel a lot on business and go through many airports, etc., and I see a lot of people where the black SOX cap as a fashion item. It matches up well with black workout gear, sweatshirts, etc. I see this a lot on the young ladies who where the nylon stretch pants and workout sweatshirts matched up with the cap.

I would like to believe they are SOX fans, however I think they are more fans of the cool cap.
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