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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Oh I see. Because I don't submit to your demand that I listen to the power$ that be, I don't want to have a serious conversation.

It's nice that you were able break a story like that. But a single advertiser versus policy that affects conglomerates and media moguls are not the same thing. I mean...hell, today's reality has PBS not showing documentaries because they make the Koch Brothers look bad. There's a serious lack of any sort of credibility to the media today, even in places where you'd never expect it.
No. You don't want to have a serious conversation because you insist on holding on to your opinion in spite of the fact that people are making arguments based on superior experience because you prefer to believe that a source that does not attribute its sources for news, that for all practical purposes doesn't even physically exist is a superior source.

It is irrelevant if publicly funded PBS doesn't air a documentary. Really, that has nothing to do with the eight newspaper chains that employed me (and I didn't break just one story) never forbidding reporters from pursuing stories that cost those newspapers advertisers or were not politically aligned with the moguls who owned them. And, really, it isn't even relevant if the mainstream media has a credibility problem, although much of that is manufactured by the interests who are threatened by responsible journalism.

People don't go into reporting because they want to toe the company line. You don't win state press club awards by toeing the company or political line. But there are plenty of bloggers who do nothing but toe the company or party line. That is a foundation of blogging. Now it is news because people have come to believe news is what they want it to be.

I'm not going to argue that there aren't problems in the mainstream media. No conscientious reporter or editor would. One of the reasons the mainstream media is such an easy target is that it is so pervasive and universal and are not under common control.

But you insist on continuing to take the leap that because there are problems in the mainstream media, the blogger who doesn't quote a source has to be more reliable. For all you know, he may have been the same blogger who exposed Helen Keller as a Satanist a couple of years ago.