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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Hope you're right.
But my impression is that he's not a particularly high ceiling pick and that we drafted him with the intention of using him quickly. I just don't think that that's the best use of a draft and a major cause of our persistent thin organization.
Sale was considered to be the top college pitching prospect in the draft and most consider him to be a future front-end of the rotation pitcher. His stuff is pretty impressive, although he does have a 3/4 arm slot and an unorthodox delivery, which brings about the question on whether or not he's an injury risk. While it is not very White Sox-like to bring a guy to the majors the year he was drafted, I'm sure that will only be the case if he proves himself along the way.

I think we have a pretty deep major league roster and some talent in AAA that is able to help out. I will admit that Birmingham is pretty putrid, W/S is full of players that should be past that level and Kanny is also wanting for more talent. But farm systems can be turned around pretty quickly with 1 or 2 good drafts.

I hope your impression is the correct one.
Me too!
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