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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
KW was quoted saying Ventura told him exactly that when he first approached him about the job. And that he had to convince him otherwise.
Was there ever a direct quote from Ventura himself saying that? I don't attach much credibility to Williams' statements, because he's just as likely to say something stupid as he is useful. Furthermore, even if Ventura said that before taking the job, that doesn't mean he still feels that way now that he's held the job for more than one full season, and nothing he's said since the start of Spring Training suggests otherwise, as I've pointed out to you multiple times.

Originally Posted by blandman
You're trolling because I know you already know that. You're not new to baseball or the board. Most managers get canned in the first two years. Common knowledge.
You know that I already knew this? I'd love to see you prove that one. More nonsense.

Originally Posted by blandman
Not accepting evidence is not the same as no evidence. Between Ventura's statement, manager statistics, and the cliff the last team fell off (which now you've continued not to mention twice), the evidence is there. Don't agree with it? Fine. That's not the same as no evidence.
Once again, Ventura has said nothing this season that suggests he doesn't believe he's the right man for the job, and you can't keep using that- or his turning down an extension- as evidence to support your argument when the evidence doesn't even exist.

Originally Posted by blandman
Are you sure you wouldn't like to tell me what's wrong with me or that I've got a personal agenda or liken me to Jay Mariotti? No? Okay, maybe next time.
I didn't compare you to Jay Mariotti. That was said by another poster, so I don't know why you're throwing that in my face. Calling me out for something I never said isn't a smart move.
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