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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
RK I understand your argument for why you don't think Robin will lose his job. I just don't see why my argument is such a big deal/stretch.
Because nothing about Robin's situation indicates that he's unhappy in his job or that the Sox believe they made a mistake in offering it to him. Yes, he turned down the extension, but as I said, I think he recognizes the possibility that management may have a different perspective on his job performance in two years than they do today, and would rather earn a contract extension than risk being paid to do nothing if he's fired after 2014.

Originally Posted by blandman
The only logical reason for denying my right to it is homerism, vendetta, or a combination of the two.
I'm not denying you the right to make an argument. I don't have the power to do that. I don't agree with your argument, but you're welcome to embarrass yourself at your convenience.

Originally Posted by blandman
My reasons are still accurate. They may not turn out to be right, but this is a prediction thread. Those factors can contribute to the outcome I've indicated.
The reasons you've provided to justify your position are as follows:

1. Robin believes he's unfit for the job of White Sox manager.

2. Most MLB managers are fired before their third year.

Here's the problem with your reasons: Robin never said he believes he's not qualified for the position of Sox manager. I've re-posted what he said about his contract below:

Originally Posted by Robin Ventura
的t痴 flattering and nice and everything," said Ventura, who agreed to a three-year deal in October of 2012 and had been offered an extension for the 2015 season from general manager Rick Hahn. "But in talking to Rick, we have two more years to do this. We have good communication and everything is fine. I think this is my contract. I was the same way as a player. I値l worry about it at the end of it.

"For them, I want them to have two years to think I知 still the right guy for the job for that to continue to go. It wasn稚 anything that was a big deal, so I知 not holding out for anything or disappointed in not wanting to stay here. I think at the end of that, that痴 when you talk about it. I知 not worried about trying to extend anything right now. I知 more worried with this team in this spring training than I知 worried about 2015.
Ventura makes his feelings perfectly clear. He says that the decision about whether he's the right man for the job lies with Sox management, which it does. He's absolutely correct in what he says. He never says that he believes he's not qualified for the job.

As far as your second statement is concerned, I took the liberty of combing through the current list of MLB managers. Of the thirty managers currently working in baseball, eighteen are in at least their third season with their current club. Another manager, John Farrell, in in his first season with Boston after choosing to take the Red Sox job because he's always dreamed of managing in Boston.

I've include the list in this post, so that others may see it, as well.

Originally Posted by blandman
Things aren't unsubstantiated bull**** when you're unwilling to acknowledge factors and their potential outcomes.
The factors you've used to justify your argument are incorrect. That's the problem.

Originally Posted by blandman
Once again...this is a prediction thread. No one is talking about certainties. Only what might happen.
Yes, it is a prediction thread, but your predictions are based on nonsense. That's why I have a problem with them. No one else is making predictions based on the "factors" you're using.

Originally Posted by blandman
Disagreeing with me is one thing. Indicating something is personally wrong with me because you don't want to hear it is so ****ing petty.
I said you were in error because you are. I'll remind you again of the points you made to justify your argument:

1. Robin Ventura believes he's unfit to manage the Chicago White Sox.

2. Most MLB mangers are fired before their third year.

Ventura never said that, as has been pointed out before, and I've addressed your second point. I don't believe something is wrong with you because I don't want to hear your arguments. I don't want to hear your arguments because your arguments are wrong. If you can present an argument that makes more sense, I'll be happy to listen, but you've yet to do so.
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