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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You are honestly saying Peavy isn't a huge question mark compared to Fister? Come on man, take the blinders off. Peavy's been hurt on and off every year he's been hear except last year. Even if Peavy's still an ace (debatable), he's not nearly has valuable as the Tigers front four, who are either just as good or better, and certainly way more durable.
You would hate to not ignore Fister going down a couple of times last year. Its only relevant when a White Sox player gets hurt. Danks will be nowhere near what he was before he was hurt, but because he's a Tiger, Victor Martinez will be better than ever. The bottom line is if the Tigers are as unbeatable as you say, it really doesn't matter what the Sox do, so you really shouldn't complain. Its like being of fan of an NBA team not the Bulls when MJ started winning championships, never mind the Tigers haven't won one for a while. Seriously, you must be trolling.