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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
I agree with Coppock on this one. Jerry Reinsdorf has been in hiding for some time. It leaves a bad impression like he is out of touch with the day to day operations or he no longer cares. Neither case may be true, but this low a profile will lend people to reach their own conclusions.

Of course, Jerry Reinsdorf merely having a high public profile won't change everything. But I am amazed we have seen or heard so little from him. If fans who one would consider loyal don't care, the team has a problem.

It's possible I missed something but the last time I can recall Jerry coming out and saying something significant or meeting the press was in Washington a few years ago when he talked to the media immediately after the Williams / Guillen twitter blow-up.

He explained that he called both men in and told them to get along and keep their differences in-house.

That was what summer 2011?

These two quotes from him show how things have changed:

“Eddie and I never discussed how to talk to reporters. We’ve just been ourselves. I always though Jack Kennedy was the kind of person I looked up to in that regard. He always gave the media a fair shake and understood you guys have a job to do. Without responsible people willing to divulge some accurate information, it’s hard to do it right. It was a much better approach then Nixon, who figured the media was his enemy. Doing it Kennedy’s way just makes a lot more sense to me. After all, nobody can buy the kind of advertising Chicago teams get. What other line of work finds newspapers assigning people to follow you around and write about how the business is doing every day? At Balcor, we have to hire a public relations firm to get our names in the paper. When baseball teams get that for free it makes sense to cooperate." - Jerry Reinsdorf to Bob Logan from the book 'Miracle on 35th Street.' Pg. 154. Published 1983.

“The idea that I must talk to the media in order to know what is going on with our fans or the public is ludicrous. I communicate with fans on an almost daily basis and often hear comments from people on the street and in the ballpark. We have committed a lot of resources to market research each year, whether it is telephone or internet polling, mall intercepts, focus groups or in-park surveys. We believe these surveys are the most impartial way to hear from our fans. I don't think a media interview gives me the same type of insight into what our fans think and feel. Believe me, our fans tell us. They care and they are passionate. I like that about sports. The fact is that I do speak publicly when there is an issue of importance to our fans and to the franchises. I owe that to our fans. But again, I don't really think people want to hear from me or go to the game to see me. I hope not.” – Jerry Reinsdorf quoted on the “official” White Sox web site,, August 16, 2004.


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