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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
They were drooling on their shoes over him this morning on The Score. Said he is ahead of Jordan Danks (and could make Danks trade bait). They said he might be a Sept. callup, but is really 2-3 years from The Show.
Why would a guy be a September callup, but 2-3 years away? That makes no sense at all. When a young player with no major league experience gets a September callup, he better be ready to play on opening day the following year. I'm not doubting that Mitchell will be a better player than Jordan Danks, but I don't think they'll be rushing this guy. Even Birmingham seems like a stretch to start this season, but it looks like that's where he'll be going. So AA this year, and start 2011 at Charlotte, and then go from there. There's no need to start the clock with this guy this year.
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