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Originally posted by shane
Crede was a good example of JM not doing his job. He should have made it very clear to the youngster that we don't need a homerun. We need a man on 3rd or scoring.
Crede's a big boy. He should know what to do. JM shouldn't need to straight out tell him he doesn't need to hit a home run.

That being said, JM's job is to get into a conversation with Crede about his approach. That doesn't happen, and I bet if someone asked JM why it doesn't happen, he'd say, "Well, Joe's a major league hitter," or something to that effect.

Six outs, six pop ups is disgusting. It ain't all Rogers. It's a weak team approach ... thank God Everett knew he didn't need to hit a home run.

EDIT: And credit to Konerko too.
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