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I'm an ISU alum and had no idea he went there too. That being said, his show has nothing to offer any Sox fan with a brain. I get the impression he is keenly aware of future prospects within the media network of the team and therefore , even callers with valid criticisms of the team and its players, are made to look stupid or reactionary . I don't listen to the show much for that reason if at all.I understand his employment is contingent on the teams approval, but he takes company man to a whole nother level to me. When you have a team that goes from WS title to barren farm system and 99 losses in a matter of a few years, somebody fell asleep at the wheel or did a remarkably inept job and much criticism is warranted. That was the worst baseball team I've ever seen last year, it's almost incomprehensible somebody got paid to put that on the field.

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