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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I just don't think he gets his fanbase. While I like Boers and Bernstein and I get the act of putting the meatballs down, Rongey sucks at it. Mostly because his domain is not the B & B show, and we he just tries to get all cavalier with the fans, it is the wrong place to do so.
Also, he always takes this position of not being over-reactionary toward player and coach performance which in and of itself is good. However, he seems to use that as an excuse to avoid coming down on players or fairly considering the opinions expressed by critical callers.

Yes, sometimes callers bitch about stupid things, but other times callers' critiques have some wisdom -- they are noticing and criticizing patterned and chronic issues. I think his main flaw is that he has trouble differentiated between these two types of calls. He treats almost all complaining callers like their idiots, but many are not.

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