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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
None of those guys are all that good though. Besides TCQs MVP-like 4 months that history is showing was an outlier, what have any of them really done on a consistent basis?
Jackson had significant value at the deadline. On edit, I realize that Toronto got Rasmus, who is not good, for Jackson, so they didn't get much either (although Rasmus was hyped for years). Heck, we even took back a middle reliever we didn't need.
Quentin's still a good hitter.
The prospects we took back were all duds.
One of the problems the Sox had for years was that Guillen was so poor at evaluating talent, that he couldn't tell Williams which prospects were keepers and which were phony. Larusa and Duncan could evaluate their prospects. Hopefully the Sox improve on evaluating theirs and targeted prospects.
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